Skrillex and Diplo - Where Are U Now in Ableton Live

Award-winning track from Skrillex and Diplo’s project – Jack U! Now in Ableton Live, fully recreated! One of the greatest Ableton templates ever!

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Ableton Pro Templates Pack

Top-breaking hits – Martin Garrix, Avicii, Mord Fustang, Deadmau5, Eurythmics, Calvin Harris project files in YOUR studio + bonus remake of Zedd – Spectrum! Best offer! Check this out!

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Jay Hardway - Wake Up in Ableton Live

Top 2015 track from Spinnin’ Records! Now in Ableton Live!

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Martin Garrix feat. Justin Mylo and Mesto - Bouncybob in Ableton Live

2016 top track from Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo and Mesto – now in Ableton Live! Get project file now!

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Martin Garrix - Animals in Ableton Live

Hit in a great number of charts in Europe and US – right here, in your DAW. With 100% accuracy.

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Flo Rida feat. Lookas - GDFR in Ableton Live

100% banger – in Ableton Live! Full remake! ITS A TRAAP!

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Avicii - Levels in Ableton Live

In 2011, Avicii released “Levels”, which launched him into the mainstream. Get launched into the mainstream of music with this template!

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LICK DA CAT - Trionic Complextro Template in Ableton Live

Only for three days! Template of complextro track which was supported by Matisse & Sadko next day after release!


Mord Fustang - Drivel in Ableton Live

“Breakthrough artist of the year”

Beatport Music Awards After discovering this awesome producer, Ridge has successfully signed to the Plasmapool label.

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Calvin Harris - Bounce in Ableton Live

Great track from 2011. Fully recreated. Lyrics included.

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Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams in Ableton Live

Track from 1980’s! This single has predestined future of modern electronic dance music!

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Alex Babich

Alex Babich

RemakesPro CEO, music producer

Alex Babich is producer from Russia. In 2013 he has got TOP100 producers in Avicii contest “Avicii X You”. In September 2013 Ridge has signed on Plasmapool label. First side-project’s track (LICK DA CAT – Trionic) was supported by Matisse & Sadko and got on the Record National Dance Radiostation. New track Discorobot is in TOP 10 Beatport Glitch-Hop Chart.


by LICK DA CAT | Trionic Reloaded EP

Brilliant templates. Exclusively on #RemakesPro.

RemakesPro provides full-done electronic music projects (Ableton Live templates) made in Ableton Live, including MIDIs, samples, presets and a great experience. These templates are also helpful for ghost-producing.
You can get templates with or without registration :) All payments (and via credit cards too!) go through Paypal system, so be sure: all of your payments will be secured!
No copyright infringement. We don’t sell or use any of original samples/materials in our remakes (acapellas are in free access). All samples are clear and all sounds are created from scratch using licensed software and plugins.
Digging into project files of these precious exclusive remakes you’ll learn how to make a great sounding track. This is the best way ever for learning how to make your own original hit track. Become a pro today!
  • Built-in plugins 95%
  • Izotope Ozone 5 90%
  • NI Massive 85%
  • Nexus 90%

Samples, loops, construction kits - great, templates - incomparable.

What producers think of RemakesPro

The project files gave me the key that was required to truly unlock the depth of the songs. Alexey (Ridge) is a true professional that put innumerable hours of work into these quality projects. From Deadmau5 to the Eurythmics to Martin Garrix. You won’t be disappointed.

Chad A. (Atlanta, GA, USA)

After giving Ridge’s templates a go, I was immediately impressed at both the quality & accuracy of them. Through Ridge’s work I was able to reverse engineer the tracks of some of my favorite artists. Your templates have inspired me. Thank you Ridge!

Wade L. (Australia)


Steve Harper (UK)

The Pro Templates pack I bought it’s awesome! 99% identical to the original songs will let you understand how to use VST correctly to achieve a given sound!

Diego L. (Switzerland)

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